Wet skin moisturizer 

Can I get an Amen please. I have to say that I’m glad this exist because as a lazy person that I am, I don’t get enough time to apply lotion on my skin, or sometimes I’m just too lazy to apply lotion when I get out of the shower. I usually put on some deodorant and then some clothes and maybe if I don’t feel too lazy I put some perfume on too, it’s all depend on my mood. 

I personally use the Jergens Wet Skin moisturizer, after I’m done showering but of course I do it while I’m in the bathroom so that I can save up some time after I get out of the bathroom. 

Jergens wet skin moisturizer is amazing in my opinion, a liltle goes a long way. It has a light consistency, and it smells like coconut. After I apply it my skin feels super moisturized and what I find more interested is the part that my skin kind of glow too. 

You can find this great moisturizer at any local stores such as Walmart and Sam’s club for a great price.