Easy@Home Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


This is a great tool for nursing students or anyone in particular that suffer of blood pressure. BP monitol is so easy to use and it reads the result quickly and besides reading the blood pressure can also read the pulse rate and it does everything with a simple botton touch.

The Blood pressure monitol uses color code to indicate when a blood pressure is normal and when is not. It can also alert irregular heartbeats.  You can try it on two user since it has memory recalls for them.

This has a small design so that you can keep it at any place. The package comes with a manual, a case, the cuff and 4 AA batteries. I think that the fact it came with batteries because I don’t like to be running to get batteries.

The blood pressure monitor gives an accurate result since I took my blood pressure with a manual BP monitor and the results were almost the same. But I also think I could trust this because it’s FDA approved.

Overall in my opinion is a great tool for someone who doesn’t have a nurse around and is suffering from blood pressure. This is also good for nursing student who is just learning how to take blood pressure. This products reads accurate results and it’s easy to use.

I received this product at a discounted rate or for free to give my honest and unbiased review of the product. This opinion is my own and not influenced by any outside source. I hope this review has been helpful.  #EBP095LARGECUFF

you can get yours now on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Easy-Home-Hypertension-Meter-FDA-Indicator/dp/B0161WKT6A?ie=UTF8&keywords=arm%20blood%20pressure%20monitor&qid=1465412102&ref_=sr_1_17_a_it&sr=8-17