Fog Free Shower Mirror

As a curly hair girl that I am, I know the struggle of detangling my hair. I know that sometimes it’s a nightmare to detangle it without watching what I’m doing. Fog Free Shower Mirror is a saver. I use this mirror while I’m in the shower detangling my hair and it makes everything much easier.

The clarity is wonderful, and it is much easier to see what I’m doing with than any of my makeup mirrors. It stays clear as well when wet, and it is an overall great & compact piece while still being big enough to see everything clearly. My brother uses it too when he’s shaving; he says that’s a way to see everything with a closeup look.

The installation process is really easy. You just have to stick into the shower wall and you are done. The quality is well made and durable.

I really enjoy this mirror in my shower. I didn’t really find any complaint about it. So I highly recommend it.


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Disclosure: This item was provided to me for evaluation and review