Meagoes Fast USB Car Charger Adapter

So today I woke up late for school and my phone was at 10%. I rushed into the car and I put my phone to charge with an USB car charger adapter. This car adapter charger literally charged my phone completely under 20 minutes.

  • this car charger adapter has two port device charger for use in a car.This mean two people can use this charger at the same time.
  • It has a fairly dim bluish LED light that is permanently on as long as the adapter is plugged in
  • Each port provides up to 2.4 amps of current for high speed charging
  • charge fast
  • it has four different color you can choose from: Gold, Rose Gold, space gray, and silver.
  • cheap price

I’d highly recommend this product because it does a great job charging phones, camera, iPad, and tablet.

Disclosure: This item was provided to me for evaluation and review.


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