FDA TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Therapy Massager

This unit is small and therefore very portable. I have used it several times a day. It is charged via a USB port and the cable and charging adapter is included. Can also be charged via computer. Comes with 4 small and 4 large pads which can be reused many times though they will wear out. I am still on original pads. I use the 4 large ones at a time.

I’ve used this in the car while traveling as well as work and in school and it works very well. It seems to do what the huge TENS unit that the PT uses. The highest setting that PT usually uses is 30 and this unit will go up to 25 which is high enough Than what I expected.

The unit is very easy to use even without reading (deciphering the instructions) which is great since the instructions are in Chinese and and some type of poorly translated English. There is also a picture chart included that could be helpful in showing placement areas. The chart is also in Chinese but sinse it is a picture, the description is not needed.

Quality seems to be high which really surprised me since I was aware that the product was made in China.  This is FDA approved and certified and may have some bearing on the high quality of the item. The price is really afforable I highly recommend it if you are in of a therapy massager.
Disclosure: This item was provided to me for evaluation and review


Get it on amazon- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I17W3I0