Beauty Lally Makeup Brush Set with Black



I’m going to star off by saying that I’m in love these makeup brushes. They are super soft and really good for blending. These Brush are from the brand Beauty Lally and they have really good quality.

As I said before, these Beauty Lally Makeup Brushes are really soft. They feel so soft and smooth when applying makeup. It makes it a joy to use them. When wearing makeup every day and applying it with brushes you want a nice professional set that doesn’t pull or scratch your skin. Repeated use of worn out or cheap brushes can damage your skin. I was so glad that this was a nice set that felt great when applying my makeup.

One of the features I liked most about this set is that they have marked each brush so you know right away which brush you need to use when applying your makeup. This is a great feature for beginners or for anyone getting to know their new set of brushes. It also has a nice guide that comes with this set that explains what each brush is used for.

This set includes 10 brushes which include Flat Foundation Brush, Makeup Brush, Concealer Brush, Powder Brush, Blush and Bronzer Brush, Shimmer Brush, Eye Shadow brush, Eye Shadow Blur Brush, Eyebrow Brush and a Lip Brush. This set has everything you need to apply your facial makeup. I want to mention that the Eye Shadow Blur brush works fantastic for blending your eye shadow colors together if you use more than one color as I do. I actually use 3 colors and that brush is perfect for blending. Another favorite is the Lip Brush. I like that this brush is a bit stiffer so it works better to apply lipstick. I can’t say enough good about this set of Beauty Lally Brushes.


The first thing I do before using a set of brushes is to wash them. You can always tell the quality of a brush set on how well the bristles stay in when washing them. The fewer they come out the better the quality of brushes. Shedding it what I call it. This set hardly shed at all. I was very pleased to see very few loose bristles when I washed them all. Keep in mind though your going to get some that is normal of ALL brush sets. It’s when it’s in excess that you need to look at.

This set of Beauty Lally Brushes also came with it’s own carrying case. This is a nice hard shell case (that looks and feels like leather on the outside) that will protect your brushes fully from damage when traveling. That is a fantastic add on to this set. It also has snaps on each side to keep them securely inside the case. No worries of it opening and the brushes falling out. The case is a very snug fit. I actually had a hard time opening it for the first time. Beauty Lally also included a nice compact two sided mirror. This completes the set nicely.


in my opinion these are really good makeup brush perfect for people who are starting out with makeup.


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Disclosure: This item was provided to me for evaluation and review