Set of Two Curly Hair Products Royal Locks

I received these two products yesterday and I was so exited to try them out. This was the first time I’ve tried any Royal Locks products and I have to say that I love them because they smell amazing and they moisturized my hair leaving it soft and smelling great. My hair is naturally curly and its color treated too so I have to take care of my hair by knowing what type of products I’m going to use on them.

I applied both products on freshly washed hair. I sprayed the spray all over my hair and then I applied a smart portion of the cream because I realized that it was thick and a little goes a long way and then I applied gel and then I let my hair dry.
I have to say that I’m really impressed with the result. These two products doesn’t weight my hair down at all, they defined my curls as well as moisturized it and let not forget about the way they smell, people around asked me what type of perfume because it smells just like a perfume. I’m definitely going to continue using these products because of the way it smells and how they define my hair. I highly recommend these products.