Stretch Mark Remover Cream



I’ve used “stretch mark” products for years, for being on a weight gain/weight loss roller coaster. This is the very first product marketed specifically for stretch marks that I have used which is actually a pleasant experience. It’s also the first product I have used that rubs on easily, smells wonderful, and penetrates the skin immediately with no greasy or filmy residue. It just soaks in and makes the skin feel wonderful.

I’ve only had it a short while and can see a difference in the coloration and depth of the marks. I also see a difference in the tone of the skin I applied it to… it’s more subtle.

The cream was delivered quickly, which we have all come to expect for an Amazon purchase. The packaging of the cream is great! The box is sealed with plastic wrap, and the tube of cream itself is sealed with plastic also. When opening the lid, I was very pleasantly surprised with the scent, which wasn’t medicinal or overly floral. It was fresh, light and just really pleasing.


Because the cream was so delicately scented and easy to apply to the skin, I also tried it on my neck, where I had “opposite stretch marks” from losing weight. I think this area of my body is where I was most impressed with this cream. It had a slight tightening effect when first applied. It felt soft and I was able to apply it under make-up with no problem at all. The marks on my neck were also helped quickly. This product has helped more than applying coconut oil or shea butter alone. (This product has shea butter in it, I believe.) Also, there has been no break out on my face, which is kind of acne prone. I don’t need to use a lot of this cream, because it absorbs so quickly and is applied with ease.

Overall, I am really pleased with this purchase, and will continue to buy it.