Smarson WIFI HD Digital Action Sports Camera

I’ve been always into camera, especially into sport cameras because I’m always doing things such as going to another country for vacations. Also I play basketball and I ride bikes so I like to record most of things I do. The problem with finding good sport cameras it’s that it’s too expensive to get one and if you are too rough with them, they can get messed up. I used to have a GoPro 3 camera but I gave it away to my brother. With that camera I learned most of the things I know about camera overall. I know sport cameras are pretty expensive today on the market so today I’m going to talk about to a cheap alternative to a good HD sport camera like a GoPro.

The Smarson WIFI HD Digital Action Sports camera can take pictures at 12 megapixels and record video at full 1080p HD. It also captures those images and video with a really nice 170 degree wide angle lens. The wide angle lens is really nice because it practically assures you that you’re going to capture all the action or scenery that you want to. The video quality upon playback was great. The clarity and sharpness of the 1080p video really pops, especially on a big screen. I would say that the video quality is just as good as my friends name brand camera. This model does not record 4k video but that’s a pretty new feature and still making its way to these cameras. Personally I don’t really notice a ton of difference between a 1080p and 4k picture. We have two Samsung TV’s in the house. One is 1080 p and about 5 years old. The other is about a year old and is 4k. There just isn’t a ton of 4k content available right now to see the difference but that’s another subject. Just don’t base your decision on this camera on it now recording 4k. The 1080p from this model is just great and really looks awesome.

This camera comes with a ton of accessories that really make it super flexible and adaptable to most situations right out of the box. It comes with a waterproof housing, a micro USB cable, a charger, handle bar mounts, dash mounts, helmet mounts, tethers, and a lot more. The build quality of the camera and the accessories feels really good. I can see these lasting for a while and when you put them side by side with the name brand accessories they are identical. The camera is very easy to use and setup. There are only a few buttons to get used to which makes them easy to remember. All of the buttons are easy to operate and responsive even through the case. This camera model has Wi-Fi built in which is an awesome feature to have at this price point. You can connect it to your network and then share and upload pictures and video without having to remove the card or plug into your PC. There is also an App that you can download which will let you control the camera via your smartphone. Having the ability to control it remotely is great since you can mount it pretty much anywhere you want and still be able to control it.

The camera uses a micro SD card for storage and doesn’t have any built in memory or storage so you’ll have to get a SD card to use the camera. Also adding to the cameras flexibility are a lot of different shooting modes. It has a treble shot function, time lapse, continuous shooting, self-timer, and driving mode.


Overall, this is a great camera to take along for trips and use to capture outdoor or underwater action. The video comes out crisp and clear and it performs well. If I had to come up with one downside it would be the battery life. The battery will only last for about an hour and a half of continuous use. Aside from that, this is a great value and a solid buy.


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Disclosure: This item was provided to me for evaluation and review