Jelly lipstick with flower Temperature Change

img_5181I’m so glad I got to test out this jelly style lipstick. There are 3 colors you can choose from: Red Lemon, Orange peach, and pink grape. I choose mine on Red lemon color and I really love it. It has a fantastic smell just like some type of perfume. It dries out pretty quickly and it makes my lips feels so moisturized.

The flower inside the lipstick has a cute design as well as the package. The lipstick  changes in different temperature so everyone has  a different color; as a women of color as I am, when I put it on my lips turn Liltle bit light pinky color, but when I’m my mom tried it, it turns a liltle bit of the red color side. I think these lipstick works pretty good and they smell amazing too. They prevent chapped lips, and they stain the lips with a nice color depending on your temperature. I highly recommend it.


You can find it on amazon: