Vitamin C Serum


This serum was exactly what I needed. I have always only used a cleanser and occasionally exfoliated when washing my face, but I decided that I needed to try a serum after doing some research. I bought this and used it alongside the InstaNatural Vitamin C Cleanser and couldn’t be happier! I have suffered from eczema and sensitive skin all my life, and my face has always been the trickiest to take care of because of my combination skin. Some parts would get really oily throughout the day while some parts stayed dry. This serum really does the job and moisturizes the deep layers of the face — I didn’t want to get a moisturizer because it would just add an extra layer to my skin, but this serum does everything a moisturizer could do and more, all without adding too much oil to my face. I’ve noticed that my skin tone has evened up, my skin has looked more consistent (as in oily/dry spots) and my overall complexion looks brighter. InstaNatural really hit a home run with this fantastic serum, and they have fantastic customer service as well. I will definitely be buying this again and using this in the future!



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