Keeva Organics Hair Treatment Oil – 7 in 1 Formula

albumtempThis is the second product I’ve tried from the Keeva company and I have to say that I’m in love with it. As many of you already know I got a mixture of curly hair and because of that I have to use deep conditioner and oil to moisture my hair. This oil from the keeva company contains 7 oils in 1.

Oils included:


Tea Tree




castol oil

olive oil

mall this oils are good for moisturizing my hair as well as making it soft and grow. I apply this oil after I wash my hair as a leave in conditioner or as the LOC method. This oil leave my hair shiny and detangles and better yet smelling amazing. I also like that this oil is not grassy or weight my hair down. This oil is perfect for dry hair and even now for the winter that is coming. I think this oil is great and I highly recommend it.


the link to the product: