Curly Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Set Royal Locks

img_0214Royal Locks company was kindly enough to send me this great shampoo and conditioner set for curly hair. We all know that us curly hair people have to take good care of our hair especially because anything can dry out our hair. I was able to try out these two products and I really like the results of them.

the royal Locks clean curls shampoo is a sulfate and paraben free shampoo that smells amazing. This shampoo didn’t dry out my hair and I only needed on applications for my hair to feel clean. This shampoo contains oils such as macadamia and Argan to moisture the hair as well as repair damage hair. The shampoo also contains a lot of mineral, vitamins and proteins. This shampoo is also safe for color treated hair.

The Royal Locks conditioner also smells pretty good. I was able to detangle my hair pretty easy. Also the conditioner made my hair felt moistured and it help preventing frizz. As well as the shampoo this conditioner is good for color treated hair.

In my opinions this is a great line for curly hair. I’m always looking for products that works with curly hair and not all the products that says that are for are for curly hair. With this set I was able to clean my hair and detangle it; i was able to get really define curls that I felt in love with these products. I highly recommend them.

5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange of a honest review