AL-I6PRO-Black Heart Rate Monitor

You_Doodle_2017-03-30T18_16_11ZThe AL-I6PRO is tracker that monitors heart rate. Receives notification from your phone wether is a call, a message, an email and any notification that receives your phone. Also you can answer phone call with this tracker. The AL-I6PRO also has a calories counter. The tracker is also water resistant perfect for sweating while working out. The The AL-I6PRO feels like weight and as you can see on the picture is color black. The screen displays the time as well as date. One of the things I found cool about this tracker is the fact that I was able to monitor my sleep with it because it’d tell me wether I had a deep sleep or a light one. The tracker comes with a Magnetic Cable and manual. I find that it can takes up to a hour charging or more; but it can last days charged. There’s an app for both android and apple users to pair up the tracker with the phone, the app downloaded smoothly and the pair up was easy.

I’ve been using this for almost a week now, and I really like because when I’m working out, I can manage my heart rate as well as received call without using my phone. I also like it because it’s easy use and since it’s black it can goes with clothes I wear. The tracker is made of good quality and I can really see myself using this tracker more in the future since I’m on a losing weight plan. I highly recommend it.


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