Label.m Honey and Oat trio Set Review

Hello Amores, today I’m coming with another hair product review. As many of you know, I have curly natural hair (4A-4B). Also my hair is color treated so I have to look for products that work well on my hair.

Label.m was kind enough to send me their Honey and Oat trio hair line to test it out in exchange of a honest review. This line claims to repair dry & dehydrated hair.

Honey and Oat shampoo

IMG_0214This shampoo smells amazing and it has a light consistency. Something that I found cool is the fact that a little goes a long way. After using this shampoo, my hair  felt clean but unfortunately my hair felt so dry and it had  lots of tangled. I didnt know the reason my hair felt like that after applying this shampoo so I read the ingredients and it contains sulfate, and methylparaben so I figured that this shampoo is definitely not curly hair friendly.

Honey and Oat conditioner

IMG_0216This conditioner is lightweighted and smells just like the shampoo honey and oat. I left this conditioner on my hair for one minute as it is instructed. Even thought this conditioner made my hair felt moistures, it didn’t help me to detangle my hair. As I said before, the shampoo left my hair super tangled.

Honey and Oat mask


OMG!! This mask is a life saver; this mask is the only product I really like about this line. This mask made my hair felt moisturized, hydrated, detangle, super soft, and with define curls . This mask did everything that the conditioner couldn’t do. I left it on for 3 minutes, I didn’t apply any heat and still getting amazing results.

I really thought that this hair line was a fail to my hair because when I applied the shampoo my hair felt, dry and with lots of tangled, super clean. Then the conditioner couldn’t help me detangle my hair so it didn’t work for that but my hair felt moisturizes; then the mask was the only thing that really help my hair feels strong, moisturizes, detangle and with define curls. In my opinion this hair line doesn’t work well on curly hair, although the mask works amazing on my hair.

You can find more info about this line on:

where you can also purchase it if you have straight hair.