Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror Review

Today I’ll be talking about the TRI-FOLD DESIGN VANITY MIRROR by Shao. This Lighted Mirror is just amazing; It comes on my favorite color right now (Rose gold), which would make any vanity look good.


let’s start with the quality, the quality is really good, slim line and it’s super soft to the touch and very durable. I can see that it can fit anywhere I place it at. it’s not too small nor too tall either.  The mirror’s magnification is divide into 3X, 2X, 1X.


The mirror uses 4 3A battery but it can also be used with an USB which is included.  this can be bend so you can look down into it or tilt.  it’s very easy to snap on its base and it also has a nice tray that can hold makeup or earrings. it folds up easy and looks nice. it has excellent lighting and magnification. it has different lighting settings which you can change to your like.

To be honest, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with this lighted mirror. The quality is really good, the color is just perfect, and it helps you to get a great makeup day. Also it’s very affordable. I highly recommend it.

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