BOTTLED JOY 800ml (27OZ) Tritan Sport Water Bottle

This is a sport water bottle. I started to take to the gym and I really like it because it can hold a lot of water 27oz to be exactly and I love the color of it.


šŸ”µ it’s BPA free

šŸ”µ it comes in four different colors: pink, blue, green, and purple

šŸ”µ it’s wide enough to fill it with ice and fruits.

šŸ”µ 100% leak free.

šŸ”µ the handle is great for a quick pick up and go

šŸ”µ the straw goes all the down into the drink

šŸ”µ it’s affordable


šŸ”“ I didn’t find any

Conclusion: in my opinion, this is a great water bottle because it’s leak free, it looks good, and it’s BPA free. I highly recommend it.

Disclosure: This item was provided to me for evaluation and review


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